California Grown, Premium Quality

Established 2011

Phinest Phenos™

Premium cannabis clones using top-of-the-line genetics

Seeds of Science

A collaboration with Cannarado Genetics to make the first tissue culture seed line

Phinest Farms


Our highly skilled and experienced team includes Specialized PhDs and Veteran Horticulturalists. We always use premium genetics and cutting-edge cultivation practices to stay ahead of the curve.


Phinest Phenos™

Phinest Phenos™ are premium cannabis clones grown in our California licensed state-of-the-art facilities under the care of our highly skilled cultivators. Using top of the line genetics, we apply a collection of techniques to maintain or grow plant cells, tissues, or organs under completely sterile conditions.

Seeds of Science

The Phinest™ innovates with tradition each step of the way and are proud to announce our groundbreaking seed line in collaboration with Cannarado Genetics. We have teamed up to bring you the very first seeds grown entirely through micro-propagation tissue culture. Visit our Instagram for more news on this collaboration or contact us directly with questions.

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